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Climbing is dangerous! Every year many climbers are broken, maimed, and killed. Don't be so foolish as to trust your life to what you see here. I'm not a guide and neither is this web site. If you don't know what you are doing or where you are going, please take a course or hire a guide!

Pacific Northwest Outdoor Webcams

Some of the cameras are 'live': The picture is transmitted by the camera when the page is loaded. Others are manually updated at specific or random intervals. Don't just assume the picture is showing a current image.


The Paradise webcams brought to you by the NPS

The NOAA weather report for Rainier can be found here. 

THE Mountain

JVC facing southwest-ish


The 'Tatoosh Cam'


Paradise Construction Cam:

Here is a new Rainier cam, courtesy alpcom.com. Thanks, Don!


Mt. St. Helens from Johnston Ridge Observatory. Note: Johnston Ridge Observatory is inaccessible in the winter. The camera is sometimes offline for large periods of time. Conveniently, the USFS includes a time-stamp on the image.


SkiMountaineer.com's Mt. Baker/Glacier Peak cam (from Queen Anne in Seattle).

InstaCam's Darrington/Whitehorse Cam

The NPS' Hurricane Ridge Cam:

The LoupLoup cam from www.methow.com:

KGW's Timberline SkyCam. This camera usually points up at the "Miracle Mile" and the summit of Mt. Hood, but sometimes gets directed elsewhere. As of 01.11.08 this cam is down for maintenance.


The USFS Air Quality Mt. Hood Cam:

KATU's Hood River Cam

Mount Shasta Snocam

Shasta Cam's aptly named ShastaCam

The NPS Newhalem/North Cascades Cam:


Leavenworth.org's Leavenworth Cam

The Icicle Junction Mini-golf Cam (also in Leavenworth)


A couple from the Whistler-Blackcomb ski area. They have a ton of cams now. Go here to see them all.

Snoqualmie Pass Ski Area

Stevens Pass Ski Area
(often offline when the ski area is closed)


MissionRidge.com's WebCam:

Crystal Mountain Ski Area Base

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Snoqualmie Pass "Ski Cam" from www.rsn.com. This image is updated manually and intermittently.

The Hyak cam, from www.hyak.net. This image is also updated manually and intermittently.

Mt. Hood Meadows

Mt. Bachelor's webcam.

West Village Cam

Sunrise Lodge

Bottom Summit

Cone Cam


Passes and Roads

This series from the Washington State DOT

Great University of Washington ATMOS page showing road and air temps over Snoqualmie Pass

Snoqualmie Pass, West Summit  



Hyak facing West Hyak facing East



Denny Creek, west bound facing east: Franklin Falls, West bound facing East


Stevens Pass summit, facing East 


Blewett Pass summit, facing North  


Manastash Ridge Summit Sherman Pass, facing east


White Pass summit, facing East

Satus Pass summit, facing South

The Smith Rock cam from Smithrock.com

This series from the Oregon DOT




Methow Valley Sun Mountain Lodge Cam

Glacier National Park Apgar Mountain cam from the NPS


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