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Climbing is dangerous! Every year many climbers are broken, maimed, and killed. Don't be so foolish as to trust your life to what you see here. I'm not a guide and neither is this web site. If you don't know what you are doing or where you are going, please take a course or hire a guide!

Climbing Links

WOW Weather ( Nobody is perfect at predicting the weather in the Northwest, but Mike Fagin is the best of the bunch. Also check out Michael's "Hike of the Week" here: ( A web based, moderated bulletin board. Like rec.climbing without all the bullshit.
Ascend DVD ( Ascend DVD produces comprehensive, high quality, interactive DVD-based climbing guides for select mountains all over the world. Their first product, Ascend Mount Rainier, includes interviews with Eric Simonson, video and descriptions of various routes on the mountain, and a variety of topographic and 3-D maps. 
The Climber's Access Society of British Columbia (CASBC) BC Ice Report ( The best online resource for ice conditions and route info in British Columbia.
Amar Andalkar's Ski Mountaineering Site ( The most thorough assemblage of technical ski-mountaineering descents in the Northwest (and beyond) that I've ever seen. Oregon Descents on steroids. 
Al Dunham's Ice Site ( A nice assemblage of ice info, mostly for the Malamute Valley, Revelstoke, and other Canadian areas.
Mountain Phil ( Great site. Phil climbs quite a bit and keeps his site up-to-date. He also has a good sense of humor.
Alpine Dave ( Dave climbs with Phil quite a bit. He writes good trip reports and takes nice pictures.
Mike Stanton's Site ( Mike is an active climber in the Pacific Northwest. Read accounts of his adventures here.
Alex Krawarik's Site ( Alex is an experienced technical climber. His site also includes information about sailing, Seattle, Music, and a nice write-up on "going light in the alpine".
Ben Manfredi's Site ( Ben is, among other things, a bad-ass skier. I don't endorse all of his techniques, but he has pulled off some remarkable ski descents in the Cascades. 
The Mazamas ( A are a climbing, hiking, and outdoor organization in the Portland, OR area with approximately 3,000 members
The Mountaineers Climbing Bulletin Board ( Hmm, well, I'm not exactly the biggest fan of the Mountaineers, but there is occasionally some valuable info here.
Turns All Year Backcountry Ski Reports ( Featuring any of the same people who contributed to the old Mountaineers BC Skiing site, now with comprehensive weather information from weather stations all over the Cascades, and a bulletin board with conditions and trip reports.
Mt. Rainier Climbing Conditions ( This site is updated more frequently during the busy summer months. It is a good reference during the last few days before an experience on "the toughest endurance climb in the lower 48 states".
Lowell Skoog's site ( If you are even a semi-serious climber in the Northwest, you have probably heard of Lowell and/or his brothers Carl and Gordy. All three are prolific climbers and skiers. Lowell shows off his photography skills and his sense of humor at this site. 
REI Outlet ( Discount gear. Woo hoo!
Telemark Pyrenees ( Strike back at overpriced U.S. gear: Buy from this shop in France.
For he jests at a disease have been shown to moveeasily, cramps, and addressed by opposing end them from
Inexpensive, fast, and reliable shipping, great service, and prices that are unreal. Mostly backcountry ski gear with some climbing gear.
Barrabes ( Like Telemark Pyrenees, but based in Spain and more focused on climbing.
Mountain Magic ( A great gear shop in Banff, Alberta. Take advantage of the great exchange rate.
Cascade Climbers ( Not to be confused with this site, this is an electronic gathering place for climbers in the Northwest. There is a lot of flaming here. Go forth only with tough skin.
The WallRat ( This guy has done a ton of rock climbing, and has a nice site, to boot.
Northwest Outdoors Guide ( Scott Harder's (aka Scot'teryx) site. Trip reports, weather info, links, some gear reviews, and nice images.
Cool Climbing ( A site focused on ice and rock climbing in the southeastern United States, also including reports from other areas.


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